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Reading about Cam's plans for discounted prices for first time buyers under the Cons, I'm stating my objections now.  I don't want my taxes funding lower prices for home buyers, i want them to pay for education, heath services and the welfare state.  It's no wonder the Cons are so into home 'ownership', along with 'marriage'  they are the pillars of capitalism. Keeping your nose to the grindstone to pay for you 'death pledges'.  Once the ring is on, the next step is buying the house after which your life becomes centred on paying the mortgage.  And what does that mean in reality, you get a large loan and over the 20 to 40 years it takes to pay it off, you will have paid for your property twice over.  Then you either end up having to sell it to pay for your care or else you'll leave it to your children to fight over!!  How can you own anything? Everything we have is borrowed, our lives are finite, we can't take any of this with us, we might delude ourselves that we 'own' stuff, but we don't own anything, everything is temporary and all that we have for our use in this lifetime will eventually be like ourselves, dust.  I know so many people who got caught up in the property boom (trap) and are now sitting with huge mortgages and negative equity, we've been conned people!!  If you want to help in the fight against capitalism and greedy bankers, don't buy houses, don't give them your money, keep as much of it to yourself as your can and use it to enjoy your life as much as possible. And if you want to be with someone, just be with them, you don't have to get married!  But if you  have children, DO take care of your responsibilities!!  A happy childhood is the foundation to a good life, and pays better dividends than bankers!!  After all, your children get to decide on your care home!

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