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As disappointing as the Simon Reeve in Russia show has been, credit where credit is due, BBC4 have delivered the goods in The Vietnam War which has been running on Monday nights.  This excellent series has fully lived up to all my expectations and is a must for any student of politics. 

As part of DD306, we're studying the Cold War, of which this is one of the direct consequences.  A sorry and dirty mess, death and destruction on a devastating scale but have we learned anything?  Unfortunately, it seems that we haven't or ever will.  With tensions ramping up again between the US and North Korea, and Trump's latest statement on Iran, it seems they're gearing up for a war on two more fronts, with the strong possibility of the nuclear arsenal being rolled out.  The insanity continues.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Belfast in the morning for our first tutorial and then I'm back in Belfast on Tuesday for a job interview.  OMD are playing on Tuesday night in Mandela Hall at Queens and I'm sorely tempted to hang around for the show but my first assignment is due next Monday and then I'm at the opening of an art exhibition on Wednesday and my art class on Tuesday of next week too, so I'm not sure if I can spare the time! Decisions! Decisions!

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