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Watching Secrets of the Workhouse last night, I was struck by how the rhetoric of the Victorians in relation to the poor is exactly the same rhetoric employed by the present Government in relation to the poor and people on benefits.

Which just goes to show how completely out of date Cameron and Co are.

Reading the New Statesman last weekend,(for week 7-13 June, I'm a bit behind at the moment) I was reading a John Pilger article about feminism and austerity and I came across the story of Stephanie Bottrill, a disabled grand-mother who committed suicide out of despair over the 'bedroom tax'.  I would ask people to check it out on-line and sign the petition calling for the resignation of Ian Duncan Smith, it's on Change.org.  This so-called bedroom tax isn't a tax, it's  a welfare cut and the Lib Dems should be ashamed of themselves for letting this through Parliament.

These people have no idea how the rest of us live. Roll on the next election, it can't come quick enough!

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