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Edited by Aideen Devine, Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022, 10:59

As the shambles continues and the opposition has disappeared into the ether, I feel now is the time to move forward with this as the despair among the population is increasing with some of the latest pronouncements - contact details are at the bottom of the page.

As leaders and politicians around the world have shown throughout the Covid 19 ‘crisis’,  they lack the competency, understanding and integrity to care for and protect the people, especially from predatory global elites who seek to monitor and control us, and deprive us of our freedom and autonomy. Therefore, I am proposing the creation of a new political party. This party will not be based on any ideology of left or right, nationalist or unionist, monarchy or republic, socialist or capitalist but will be a party based on providing the necessities to ensure a life of quality for all the people. 

I would especially appeal to the silent majority among us who do not vote, and who feel that the present political set-up and our representatives no longer speak for us or have any understanding of our lives.

This party will be called the PCC Party – that stands for People, Community, Country which will be the order of care and priority. Our manifesto will be based on the practical needs of the people and the realities of life. It is all very well to dream of a better way of living but we need to take steps to make it happen. Policy and politics will be issued based and not ideologically based.

These are some of the proposals I have drafted in order to begin the conversation around creating a a new political structure, to find a way of working that fits with the modern world and not the stale ideology of ages past.

I propose:

·         The abolition of the House of Lords and the Privy Council to be replaced by a council of seniors who will be nominated by the people for their wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

·         A written constitution to enshrine our freedoms in law.

·         I also propose changes to the way we vote which will be focused on issues not personality, with checks and balances put in place to ensure politicians deliver what they promise in their manifestoes.

·         Ministers appointed by merit. For example, the Minister for Education will be someone with many years’ experience in the field of education and who has the knowledge and skills to help to decide policy and devise a curriculum to ensure our children are not just taught but educated.

·         Politicians will not be allowed to stand for a constituency if they are not a permanent resident of that constituency. For no one knows the needs of community better than those who live there.

·         An environmental policy that cares for the people and the environment, based on science and not on the false propaganda of corporations, dishonest politicians and vested interests.

·         A cap on wealth as we have seen and experienced how the accumulation of vast stores of wealth has led to the corruption of the political, economic, and health and social fabric of our society. There will also be severe penalties for anyone who would use their money or position to usurp the democratic will of the people.

·         A health care system that is focused on health, not just on medication or working for profit for the pharmaceutical industry.

·         The end to wars for profit. There will be no engaging in war without the full support and consent of the people. If the country should have to engage in war then there will be no profiteering by corporations allowed in the supply of goods and services to the armed or defence forces.

·         International relations will change from a position of distrust, suspicion and paranoia to one of openness and co-operation.

·         The creation of an independent body to ensure transparency in the body politic and the media, to investigate, expose and hold to account those who would deliberately mislead the public with lies, fake news and misinformation.

·         I envisage in the long term, a move towards a society not driven by monetary gain or the accumulation of consumer goods but a society that operates cooperatively with each individual playing their part in the community and each member of that community able to access the goods and services they need, and where every member of that community is afforded the respect and care due to all human beings.

·         Ultimately, I envisage and unification of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales as 4 interdependent but separate countries within what I call the WISE Isles

I have set up a Facebook page, it's under PCC100, if interested send me a friend request.

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