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So tired, tired of waiting..

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Still waiting for my tma 03 mark.

I am already 75% through book 4 already. I have already started the tma 4.

I have also downloaded the last 6 years of exam questions and put them into a matrix to inform my revision.

I have a question for simon reed. In your comment to the blog post below, you mentioned last years a222, book 3 tma question, which was different to this years book 3 tma question.

Do you remember all of the tma questions from a222 october 2017 to june 2017.

I would be really keen to know, i could put that info into my matrix to see the relationship between tma and exam questions... that would help my revision program greatly.

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Michael Gumbrell


Visible to anyone in the world

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to view this blog.

The view counter just clocked 9000.

That is an amazing number of views.

Thank you.

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