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SFE, an apology

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I have to apologise to SFE.

i got it wrong.

I thought you started to pay back the SFE loan, 4 years after graduation.... i was wrong.

You start to pay back 4 years after you first take the loan.

So my starting to pay SFE back had nothing to do with claiming my diploma, that was just coincidence that a diploma arrives after 4 years, which is also 4 years after taking the first loan payment.

So my repayments starting had nothing to do with claiming the diploma, they would have started regardless.

So there you are, live and learn. Part time students will always start repaying their loans, before they finish their degree's.

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SFE and claiming ongoing qualifications

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As i have already mentioned, i claimed my diploma of higher education because i have completed level 2 now.

That is a good thing, a good motivator, however...

The OU changed my graduation due date with SFE, to the date i was awarded the Diploma.

So although i have 2 years left before i graduate with a degree, SFE think i have now graduated, and informed HMRC, who have started taking payment for my student loan!!!! from my wages.

One hour of phone calls later, i have sorted it out, and my graduation date has been changed to the correct date.

However it will take 6 weeks to process the change, so as well as the £62 payment to SFE for November, i will have to pay it again in December.

So please do beware, you can claim your Cert and Dips of Higher Education as you go along, but it might trigger SFE to start claiming the loan back early.

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soul sold...again

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Hey Hey, just had the email to say that SFE has approved my loan for 2018-19.

There we are , my soul sold slightly further down the river to Student Finance England.

It's okay because i don't have a soul, perhaps to escape my debt i could change my name by deed poll to 'David Hume' and see how long it takes the hell hounds of student finance to find me....

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What is going on with student finance england?

I am now on my second week of trying to apply for my next student loan.

Will the SFE website ever work again???

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