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so firstly, 36,000 views, that's is really awesome.

Thank you everyone, it is much appreciated. Always.

Secondly, i popped onto the FASS website and the PPE and economics forums.

There i exchanged posts with a nice chap called Barry.

Barry is on a different pathway to me, not Q45 Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

The good thing is that Barry is has just finished DD209- economics and is starting A222- Philosophy.

I have just finished A222 and am starting DD209.

So that sounds like an excellent opportunity to exchange experience's and tips.

So my unofficial study group of me, Simon and Stephen would benefit from Barry's advice and hopefully, Barry from ours.

I do like it when things work out like that, it makes me happy.

It is also a good way to help break down the barriers of remote/online study and stop any feelings of isolation when studying with the O.U.

I do use the LINE messaging app on my phone, all i have to do now is convince another 3 chaps, over 40, that it is the best way to communicate as a study group, instead of long email chains, like we currently do.


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