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Not the only undergraduate in the house

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Hopefully by the time i put #bloodya222 behind me, i will not be the only undergraduate in the house.

My oldest got his ucas application back yesterday.

He has a provisional place at the University of Portsmouth to read Politics and internstional relations.

So that is good news. All he hss to do now is make sure he gets the correct a level grades.

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Michael Gumbrell

Its not what you know

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I just wanted to thank Simon for his insightful words in the comments on the post below.

The advice from a fellow student, who has complete your module already, is invaluable.

It is very much appreciated that Simon takes the time to comment with such detail about the worry/questions i have about A222. His kindness saves me alot of time and helps me keep the whole module in perspective.

Link this point to my informal study group with Simon and Stephen and i am very happy to feel part of a team, not just out here studying on my own.

So although the OU is about learning, we are developing other skills too.

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Michael Gumbrell

Mind- blown

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So I have completed week 1's work, the study planner for week 1 is done.

Happy days, I think!

So I have looked at the ship of Theseus and john Locke's ideas about personal identity.

So Locke separate's the self, from the physical existence of a 'me', thats not relevant, to the idea that I am my self.

It is the continuity of memory and the persistence of self-consciousness that make me a self.

Okay I can get with that, no problem, week one done. Feel smug, happy its done, I can do this, no worries.


I clicked the link to an article from the additional reading list:

Mind blown------ they were words, but I could not follow them,

temporal identity, empirical duality of purpose, four dimension definition of spatial existence.

There are even formula's !!!!

if a is to b as x is to y, across a continuum of t1 to t2, then t1a is the same as t2b if X(t1a) is spatially separate to Y(t2b).


This years blog posts might turn into a whinging set of 'I do not understand' entries.

Or I might get an handle on it all, after all my self now (OMFG1) might be temporally identical to my self in 9 months time (OMFG2). So (OMFG1)=(OMFG2) if I add the empirical factor of time (t). OMFG1 x (t) = (omfg2) / T.

This might be a very long nine months......


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