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The grind

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Just a little note to reflect on what a grind study has become.

The exam in June will mean the 4 and a half year mark of study with the OU, it will also mark 2 years remaining until the bitter end.

I do recall, and my first blog posts reflect it, being all keen and excited at the beginning.

Then it started to drag by year 3, towards the middle of year 3 it became a grind, i have ground out the next 18 months to get here...

Have any of you hit a slump, or have you managed to remain motivated?

I may have mentioned before that studying has just become a habit for me now, i do not recognise much enjoyment in it anymore.

Is that quite a common feeling for anyone else?

As well as my study partner quitting, many other people who started on the P.P.E pathway in 2015 have quit or switched courses. As far as i can tell only me and my other study partner, Stephen, remain.

Since we all sit in rows, by subject, in the exam, it will be interesting to see how many P.P.E students remain in the row at the next exam in a couple of weeks, i have a feeling we have become very thin in the ground.

I do hope that DD316 next year is a good module that will bring back a bit of the spark in interest for me again. 

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