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During this heat wave you will hear many messages, and see thousands of Facebook post's about taking care and looking after yourself in this heat wave...

here is my own public service announcement...

'husbands- whilst paying compete attention to the world cup,and quite right too, you may not have been aware there is a heatwave sweeping the country... due to the extreme heat and blistering sunlight you need to take extreme care.

Is your partner, you remember her, the one who walks past the T.V and says 'watching the football again?' a red head?

If so please be aware that redheaded partners can suffer with exposure to any sunlight, let alone this kind of blistering heat and extreme sunlight.. your red headed partner is at risk in this weather. If your partner is suffering from the extreme heat you may notice the following symptoms;

Drinking 28 cans of diet coke every day.

Erupting into billions of freckles.

Her complexion changing from Milk white to Lobster red in milliseconds.

Large floppy hats appearing all over the house and in your car.

Maxi dresses

Red heads have also been known to prowl around in this extreme heat muttering 'where are my bloody sunglasses, i know i left them here somewhere'

I am only joking of course, with the greatest of love for my darling red headed partner Ros,

Who, in this weather, incinerates faster than a vampire exposed to a single shaft of sunlight....

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