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It's taken some decades to get this far, and no doubt Zoe has its experts to thank. My experience following Zoe, entirely App based on a smartphone, is that it ticks every box as a superlative online or eLearning experience ... or simply 'learning experience'. It is thorough, bitesize, mixes video and audio prompts, has support networks on social media, and an array of ChatBots and real people to provide support. 

I like it the way I loved physics and biology lessons at school - you learn through doing, with the 'experiments' on your own body, from the blood sugar recording of the first two weeks, to building and establishing knowledge about foods with less of the crap (USPs, sugar) and more of the good stuff: fibre, protein, carbs etc: 

My wife got where I am today by reading the books from the likes of Time Spector, Chris van Tulleken and thingey Mosely. I needed more structure, more evidence, more drip feeding. I think it should be the model for learning of this type.

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