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For over ten years I have posted here consistently. And now I've missed a month, nearly two! What could possibly have been happening.

Well, out of online learning and into social media is the answer. I now spend a good 30 hours a week creating and managing social media for The Western Front Association, The Association of Green Councillors, The Lewes Railway Land Wildlife Trust and Life Drawing at Charleston.

Things have taken a switch at the regional swimming club (Sussex Champions for the last 5 years). Before I came to the OU in 2010 I was working 22 hours a week, most days of the week and galas. I'm not quite back at that level but the hours are running at 13-15 hours with galas again. Its a joy to be working with the swimmers, with me back with what we used to call 'Mini Squad' our young competitive swimmers ages 9-11. 

That and a year of visiting woods across Sussex has filled a gallery with photos and videos of trees in various states of undress. I have joined Friends of Lewes and go out with Lewes Urban Arboretum to mulch hedges, and I have also joined Friends of Markstakes Common where were grub out brambles, bracken and saplings in selected spots. 

All this and I am a busy Green Town Councillor working on planning, audit and grants - and working on our own campaigns for elections in May 2023 while helping nearby districts, such as Maresfield where the Greens were declared the winners with  61% of the vote last night.

That and I do put in around 6 hours of painting a week! This is working up life drawings I have done at the monthly sessions I have been attending at Charleston Farmhouse since November 2016.

So, a busy life and I love it.

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