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Cooking up an Atlantic storm

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Lamb tagine with dates, honey, almonds and pistachio

Whatever next.

I've had a couple of weeks to get my head around for the inventory for 6 to sail the Atlantic on the 19th. It'll take three weeks. Suddenly the weekly shop looks huge. 6 adults for breakfast, lunch and evening meal for 21 or more days. We are thinking of 4kg sacks of rice here. Of large quantities of dried, vacuum packed, tinned and frozen foods. 

And having produced a spreadsheet for the period I know realise I have given no thought to how long each meal might take to prepare, or washing up afterwards. Let alone if it is very rough. Or how much fishing we'll do - we will. I'm told one crew member caught a Merlin which fed them for the rest of trip.

As I blog everything I've set up Ximera Cooks

My teenage son has been treated to this lunch and evening over half-term. I'm loving doing it. A couple of disasters and rubbish recipes, others like the other really delicious. 


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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 25 Dec 2010, 06:55

I was woken at 5.30am by the neighbour's boiler. This has been going on since October 19th. Either they move their boiler, or we move house. There is no other reason why I'd be up this early having come to bed after midnight.

Had meant to blog on e-learning in relation to the history of the TV Chef.

There was a piece on BBC Radio 4 around 11.30am 24th December on the TV chef, their books and now their Smart Phone Apps. We had clips from Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson and an interview with a guy from Random House.

The ulimate 'how to' books, e-learning or e-training when it migrates to the web and to mobile devices? Voice controlled so you don't get gravy in your keyboard.

Has no one hear of printing off?

The point is made about the Cookery Book market having to adapt. Apps are the way forward.

Are Apps the way forward to e-learning across the board?

Micro-chunks of learning to your smart phone or in tray?

I see a feature for the likes of Interactive Spaced Education as well as doing a couple of courses here to try out the system (again), I will start producing my own content for this platform in the New Year.

Happy Christmas

(Staggered that neither the 12 or 14 year old are up opening their Christmas stockings ... we've had a decade of early mornings.)

Any advice on how to deal with the neighbour's boiler?

As podcasts go, I guess they have come of age when the Pope gets in on the act.

BBC Radio 4 iPlayer for the Pope's Podcast

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