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Future tree houses

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Thursday, 30 Sept 2021, 21:10

Strange day today, woke up with a different head on than normal, lost my other one in a wierd world where urban streets and pavements, roads, fences and houses had become organic beings that had been genetically modified into different shapes, they were the living structures of our civilisation and helped keep the air clean. Life thrived around them, insects, birds, mammals, all kinds of different species happily co-existing in this alien Earth world, It was very beautiful and peaceful. I remembered in the dream that I had to go to one of Saturn's moons on a mining expedition and I didn't want to go.
   It was a long journey to a human colony built inside a moon, a strange beehive of subway layers, each with shops and underground train stations. Everyone there was different than on Earth, they weren't so friendly, they were well grumpy and cold and hard like the subways they lived in.

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