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Hitler and the song thrush

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Thursday, 30 Sept 2021, 22:11

Tired man, feel like my legs are made out of concrete and my brain is in a jar somewhere. Sometimes online in social media and on forums I just post stuff for the sake of it and don't really add anything to the conversation. It's not really ego or wanting to be noticed, it is more stupidity lol. Maybe I should stay away from discussions for a bit, my contributions are a bit shit anyway to be honest, I either state the obvious or I waffle on like a fool.

Chack Chack is singing on the window perch, with the breeze blowing through her feathers. Nice day man, semi-blue skies, warm sun. A song thrush is also singing, it is a beautiful sound - feel lucky to be able to hear it.

I remember a crazy dream I had where Hitler was hunting me down to try and assasinate me with a gang of his elite soldiers. I was just about to be caught by him when a songthrush appeared in my dream and started singing and the world changed around me and I was safe.

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