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Edited by Catherine Pestano, Friday, 5 Nov 2021, 17:46

As a carer I have brought my lived experience to a range of initiatives including the establishing of a carers choir and participatory music, training carers in Nordic walking and helping them establish an ongoing service. I am keen to train professionals on the inclusion of carers perspectives in their practice.

As an independently appointed pre-litigation final complaints stage paid investigator role, I have been able to achieve a satisfactory resolution in disputes with a local authority where carers had been unhappy with services received.

I am currently exploring further diversity related practice relating to carers including participatory music provision, compassionate mindfulness, nature practices. Post caring re-establishing of the self interests me, for example after the cared-for person’s recovery, or bereavement. I am an active member of the Open Thanatology group at the Open University.

Pestano, C. (2021 in press). Caring for the Carers. In K. S. Hendricks & J. Boyce-Tillman (Eds.), Music and Spirituality Series: Vol. 7. Living Song: Singing, Spirituality, and Wellbeing. Oxford, England: Peter Lang.

I can be contacted at Catherine.pestano [at] open.ac.uk

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