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05.40 am and I've been awake since 01.50 am hours

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Edited by Trevor Barrett, Thursday, 3 Dec 2020, 06:50

I guess you could say I'm a light sleeper, but when you have a mind that as soon as you open your eye's is running like a steam train at full pelt, going back to sleep is something that doesn't happen often.

My stomach is in butterfly mode thinking about the course and education route I'm planning to take.  I left school 1989, 31 years since I've done any academic work, will I flourish, or flounder and I wish I knew.  People tell me I'll do really well, my own confidence is, let's say not as comforting.

Have I taken on too much?  I cannot answer that right now, but by the gods I'm going to give it a bloody good try.

It's very quiet at this hour, as it should be one has to acknowledge smile

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