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Whenever someone says, "I don’t believe in coincidences", I say, "Oh my God, me neither!"
Alisdair  Beckett-King

Tonight I was doing a pub quiz with a friend. For obvious reasons we were not in a pub; or together; but online. The pub element was there to the extent we had a few drinks mind you.

So I had to nip to the loo, and while I was there I thought about isolation; and then about how much we need to talk to other people. And then I thought of Robinson Crusoe in the book and how terrible being marooned must be, even with a Man Friday to be a companion. A desert island is just that – deserted. Even with two people it's so lonely. And then I thought, "Who was the real-life inspiration for Robinsoe Crusoe?" and remembere it was Alexander Selkirk.

When I came back we started the next quiz, Classic Novels, and Oh My God, guess what? Question 13 was

"Which Scottish adventurer was the inspiration for the character of Robinson Crusoe?"

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