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Edited by Richard Walker, Sunday, 4 Apr 2021, 00:30

Here you see my Shopska Salad, tonight’s supper.

One of my top favourite starters. (Really there should be some grated cheese on top, but I didn’t have any suitable, and it was fine without.)

I was taught how to make it in Northern Greece, by friends whose parents or grandparents were ethnic Greeks who moved to Greece from Bulgaria in the mass exchange of populations after WW1. I also met the dish in Bulgaria.

From this I assumed it was a) Bulgarian and b) traditional.

Turns out the answer to a) is Yes but as for b) not really; according to Wikipedia it was invented in 1955 by the Bulgarian state tourism association. It’s been a runaway success though. Give it a try. I always put a bit of chilli pepper in mine as well as the other vegetables, but that is probably unusual.

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