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Well now I have a new laptop that is compatible with doing my studies I'm getting myself upto speed on the module website the OU website itself & the OU Library.  I have to be honest I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed worrying that I'm going to be behind already as I have only just found the forum & a lot of the stuff I'm going to be using on a regular basis #43yearoldoutofherdepth  

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getting ready

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I'm getting myself all psyched up for starting my course. On 31/08/22 Weds I phoned to explain that I have no study materials as they were sent to my old address but the call did not go well.

I also have my OU microsoft email address but no password so I don't know how to go about  getting a password.

I also need to try and find out how I go about getting a laptop for my studies so that I can get microsoft 365, I don't know if I'm eligible for any sort of loans #43andstudyingagain 

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