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The Aims - e(LATE)D TMA Stage 3

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My main aim - boost referencing ability for Level 1 students approve

  1. Referencing is a key study skill. I often see students get lower marks than their astute analysis deserves because they don't provide proper citation sad
  2. Referencing supports the academic 'voice', encouraging students to write:
  • Succinctly;
  • In a way that is directly engaged with the thinking and the evidence they are exploring;
  • With more authority.

A secondary 'affordance' - encouraging the students to do more forum posting.

This encourages student-student learning fostered by tutor support ('scaffolding'), rather than student-tutor learning.

Answers by other students, or the tutor, will refer to module materials where help on referencing can be found - encouraging better student-course content engagement, and better awareness of less obvious material in the course content.

The activity will support students in becoming independent deep learners, as Ken Bain recommends. cool

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