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Edited by Stacie Pridden, Thursday, 8 Nov 2012, 00:18

Heya Blogland,

Well my A326 essay is gone woop. I'm not sure the last paragraph was very good but it was getting to the stage where I was just like "Urghhhh I just want you gone" but I'm hoping for a averagish score maybe 60 if I'm lucky.

But also yeyyy because I managed to go the whole day without my oxygen I wasn't doing much but the past week I've been out of breath doing nothing so it's a start. I've got bloods tomorrow which I'm doing without oxygen, my sister is giving me a lift on her way to work but I've got to get the bus back which is a bit daunting.

oooo in other news I don't know if you guys know or remember me posting about it but my mum got made redundant from her job on the camp base back in March and shes had a few on off jobs but nothing concrete for a while but my mamager asked if my mum was still looking for work ad I said kind of. So now my mum is working with me, well not technically because she works 9-6 mon-fri and I only work on the weekends. I just hope everyone is nice to her coz I know she's really nervous.

Well I'll probably blog about the amount of work I have to do later on in the week lol

See you later Blogland

Stacie xoxo

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