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Hey Blogland,

I'm not sure I'm very keen on my DD306 tutor very much. I just got my result back from my first TMA and I got 58 which is perfectly average for me but he was really critical about everything I wrote I don't think even a little bit pleased him. If you read my blog regularly you'll know I write as I speak and in my essays I put alot of opinion in it. But I know that alot probably wasn't to his taste but I think there's a way to be critical without being mean.

I can take criticism I've been getting it throughout school, college and my previous modules but the way he words it just comes across mean. If he's the type of person who takes the point of view "cruel to be kind" that kind of tactic doesn't work for me, it doesn't motivate me it just makes me want to quit. Which I know is kind of cutting off my nose to spite my face but thats what it makes me want to do.

It seems I'm now going to dread each and every one of my DD306 TMA's sad

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