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Heya Blogland,

Well as the title suggests I'm feeling a tonne more positive, which is great because I hate being down it's not to person I like to be.

I'm half way through my A326 essay which is great and that will either be finished later tonight or tomorrow morning.

I think the 24 hour oxygen is starting to do it's job because my chest pains seem to be dulling slightly which is probably the reason for my slightly improved mood. It's kind of bad in a way because all my symtoms will probably disappear just in time for my CT scan by which point they won't be able to find anything which would be just like me LOL. But if it's anything serious it'll still be there.

I'll be staying up late tonight watching the presidential results come in. Lets hope it's Obama. I don't care what other policies that Romney bloke has but anyone who even attempts to bring in "Legitimate rape" should never be allowed to take any kind of post in any government!

Hope your all well in blogland

Stacie xoxo

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