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Hey Blogland,

well as promised this post is going to be far cheerier smile.

Woke up this morning far cheerier than I was last night, maybe it's sleep deprivation but I'm feeling much better!

Also I got some good news my friend who is waiting for a double lung transplant, she's had a AWFUL time at the moment, she's got pnemmonia, flu a cracked rib and a fractured wrist, her lung function is down to 12% and she has generally had a horrible time (she makes my life look like a walk in the park) well it seems like she's feeling a little better which I'm really pleased about because a week or so ago it did sort of look like it was the end of the road for her. Hopefully it will continue to get better. Thats the problem when you make friends with people on the list your almost guarenteed that 50% of them will die.

Atleast I'm on the mend I stilll look like someone ressembling a ghost and have attempted to counteract that lol. Hopefully I can get some work done and I'll feel even happier smile

Have a awesome day guys

Stacie xoxo

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