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So, Greta has staged a comeback in the 'paragon of virtue' race for sainthood.  Out, last week, she has recorded an essay over 'ambient music' by the 1975 with the proceeds going to Extinction Rebellion, and it is every bit as nauseous as it sounds.  I heard it while driving to work on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show and was I thankful I hadn't eaten any breakfast that morning!

And Boris is the new PM! He seems to have got off to a good start with a very positive speech which highlighted just how long it's been since we heard anything positive about the future of the UK, and a very pleasant change from all the doom-merchants and naysayers. While I'm most definitely not a fan of the Tories, I'll give him the chance to prove his worth and hope that he does something positive for the ordinary working people.  I’ll support anyone who gives the ordinary man and woman on the street a fair deal.

The car is still in getting serviced but appears to have reached the end of the road, literally.  I expect to get the death certificate tomorrow. According to the mechanic, it might need an oil pump which would probably cost more than the car’s worth so it will probably be heading to that old scrap yard in the sky, or thereabouts.   I’ve already got my eye on a nice little Fiesta runabout so I’m hoping it can’t be fixed.

I’m all settled down again since London and will plan my next escape once the car is sorted.  There’s nothing like a reality check for bringing things back into proportion.  While it is nice to indulge in a few romantic daydreams about escaping and living the high life in London, I am, at the end of the day, a realist and time spent in the company of the older members of the family soon brings you back to earth.

My mother is from a family of nine, five sisters and four brothers and I love them all dearly.  These people are the foundations on which our family is built.  They lost their mother at the age of 43, when they were still in their childhood and teens.  The universe seems to have compensated them for it, by seeing them all into pension age but unfortunately, we lost two of them in the last five years.  My aunt Maybid (short for Mary Bridget) and my aunt Catherine, known to us all, as auntie Kate, or auntie Kaffleen, when we were younger. 

They range in age now from 70 to 84, and between them, are suffering from a variety of health problems.  Two have vascular dementia, a result of being smokers for most of their lives; others suffer with diabetes, lung problems and other lesser health issues.  It is sad to see these people who were the icons of my childhood and youth, age and decline.  Where once I looked up to them, I am now, literally, looking down, as time and illness, shrink them before my eyes.  None of them are at death’s door just yet but the doorway is within view.  It will be a strange day when they are all gone so I’m going to make the most of their company while they are still here.  Although, my uncle Andy who is the youngest, is in strapping health and should easily be around for another 15 years at least.  He is still working, albeit part-time, he never smoked except when he was nine and bought 10 cigarettes. He smoked them all and by becoming violently ill in the process, soon put an end to any desire to ever smoke again.  He was never much of a drinker either and hikes for miles every week, over bogs and mountains with the local hiking club. He’s a great story-teller and there is no greater pleasure than when they get together and talk about events from the past and the families and characters they knew growing up.

Talking about hiking, my sister finished the Camino last Monday and duly collected her certificate.  She stayed on in Spain for a week and her husband flew over to meet her at the end of the walk.  She is due home tonight and after all the heat of Spain, she’ll be welcomed back to the pouring rain of the cool north-west.




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