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Edited by Aideen Devine, Friday, 25 Aug 2023, 08:58

I took this week off to help out with the new arrival but she is so good, I have nothing to do so I'm catching up on a bit of work around the house.  I have workmen here today to fix the chimney which I discovered had a leak when I started stripping the wallpaper in my room.  

The weather is good today too (I'd forgotten what a blue sky looked like and it's great to see it again!), so I'll get some work done outside too as soon as the workmen finish up. There's not much you can do when it rains incessantly, it's been so wet even my hanging baskets have got rushes growing in them. Which goes to show that things spontaneously grow when the conditions are right as they usually grow in bog land.

My pre-course reading has arrived, After Tamerlane, The Global History of Empire by John Darwin and Unfinished Empire, the Global Expansion of Britain by the same author. I'll be starting them today, and as part of my learning more for Lent, I've been learning about Greek legends which is something I've been interested in for a while.  

I've also been writing every day which I'm pleased about although, I'm not necessarily posting every day as some pieces take longer and require more work but I can feel the habit starting to form.  1 week down 5 more to go!

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