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Abide(n) with me, fast falls the eventide, the darkness deepens…

So, the Biden puppet has been installed in the stolen election, and democracy and the will of the people usurped. Mind you, they’ve been doing this for years, it’s just becoming more obvious now and, as George Carlin remarked, if voting really made any difference, they wouldn’t let you do it and it would be illegal.

So, what comes next? Well, it could play out a number of ways. Biden will be retired early on ‘health’ grounds and Kamala will take over. Who will she name as her VP? Probably Hilary Clinton and then Kamala will meet with either a tragic ‘accident’ or some ‘lone assassin’s bullet, and President Clinton 2 will take the helm, and then the fun and games will really begin. First, on the agenda, there will probably be an upscaling of the war with Syria and then Iran. Then, maybe, with the support of China, North Korea will go down and China might just take South Korea too, while they’re at it. Look out Vietnam, Cambodia et al, the sleeping tiger is about to wake up and show the world their teeth.

Will China and the globalists/bankers then join forces and go after Russia? We shall see, but if you have relatives in any of these places, I’d tell them to make plans to leave, just in case.

Earth's joys grow dim; its glories pass away;
Change and decay in all around I see;

On the plandemic front, it will play out one of two ways. Either it will all magically disappear now that puppet Joe is installed, or it will be a full lockdown and mandatory vaccines for the US and no travel for anyone unless your fully vaxxed, tracked, traced and masked.

Funny, New Zealand declared themselves covid free yesterday and all restrictions lifted. Could this just be a massive coincidence that on the day Biden is declared the winner, covid disappeared, just like that - Poof!

However, the question for us is, will Brexit still happen, or will it be stolen too? Will Boris bottle it or do what he was voted in to do? Interesting times ahead, get your popcorn ready for the show of the century, it could be nuclear! And isn’t inauguration day going to be fun this time around!

And for all the anti-Trumpers out there who are feeling all self-righteous and smug today (who cares about democracy?) remember that in the days to come…

Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies. 

Reveal the truth and expose the traitors lies

Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee;

In life, in truth, O Lord, abide with me

 Anyway, here’s a link to the late great George Carlin, enjoy!


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#NoMasks #KBF

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Well, I managed to get the whole way to the South of England, and back again, without a mask and without much hassle too, I have to say.  Had a lovely few days enjoying the sunshine and heat with visits to Brighton and Littlehampton, where the beaches were busy with people out and about and enjoying themselves, and barely a mask in sight. 

However, on the journey itself, I was one of the very few flying (or using the trains, or shopping) without a mask, and I never saw the airports as empty as Heathrow and Gatwick were. The travelling was actually quite depressing, normally there is a buzz around the airports and London, but not this time. There was a general air of despondency hanging over everyone which is sad to see as I love London/England. I wonder how long the trains can run like this too. On the way back yesterday, I was the only person in the carriage and the one next to me was empty as well. This was the Gatwick Express going to Victoria and there were barely 15 people on it, a train that is normally full to bursting, especially, at this time of the year. 

As I was travelling, I was thinking about England and the English. England is not a very big country geographically, but in spite of that, and I'm addressing this to the people of England, you started the Industrial Revolution and led the world in manufacturing, science and technology. Just take a walk around Highgate Cemetery to see the names of the many scientists buried there, many of whom escaped persecution in other countries and found a home in England. 

A hundred years ago, you had conquered most of the world with the 'sun not setting on the British Empire' and I'm not going to get into a debate on the historical rights or wrongs of that, at least not today. You fought two world wars and were on the winning side each time, you built your country back up afterwards and created the welfare state and the NHS which lifted millions out of poverty and gave them a higher standard of living. This led to a rise in social mobility that, in turn, created the explosion of talent in music, art and technology that was the 1960's when Britain led the world in manufacturing, fashion, culture and innovation. Political debates raged and London was the centre for all that energy and enthusiasm which promised so much for so many. 

And how many times in your history have you fought back against invaders? Spanish Armada, Battle of Britain, anyone?

So, what happened, where has it gone? Travelling around Southern England I can only shake my head in despair to see the people of England so low, muzzled and depressed by a 'virus' and a government that doesn't give a damn about your health and is nothing more than the puppet of the corporate and banking empires that now rule the world. If they really cared about your health, would there be a mental health/obesity/poverty/social care crisis that has been building up for 40 years?

But it's not just England, look at Scotland, home of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, presided over now by a woman who is becoming more like Stalin with every passing day. Where is the heart of Scottish rebellion now, locked down and masked in tyranny by Nicola Krankie over a bad case of the flu?

And Ireland? I came back to find that the Sinn Fascists have made muzzles mandatory in shops here too. The great Irish rebels, the great freedom fighters of Ireland are now the foil of the Tories, Maggie Thatcher's old party. Excuse me, while I pull the craw of hypocrisy out of my throat! Their compatriots in arms terrorised the country for 30 years, with their masks and guns, and have left behind a legacy of severe social and mental heath problems in their wake. We don't have the highest suicide rate in Europe for nothing! 

Not to mention, the thousands who left or were driven out by them since the 1960's. If they really cared one iota for the 'health' of the people here, tackling that legacy might be a good place to start and maybe they could begin by removing all the memorials to death and murals, to what was 30 years of hell, instead of constantly raking up the past and playing the victim card when the truth is, they were the biggest terrorisers of the nationalist community. I know because I lived through it and it galls me to see them self-righteously pontificate to the rest of us now. 'There is no one more pious than a reformed whore', as the saying goes. But then Sinn Fein were always fascists dressed up as freedom fighters, and have become everything they railed against Unionism for, before they 'reformed', and it's jobs for the boys and their families and friends. Nepotism/cronyism rules!

And lets not forget Owain Glyndŵr of Wales, another fighter for freedom, he must be spinning in his grave with the rest of them, and all over a flu that has negligible impact on the fit and healthy, that has seen a fascist agenda imposed across the world with every little tinpot dictator having a field day. If only Adolf, Mao and Josef had known that all they had to do to impose a complete totalitarian/authoritarian dictatorship was to yell 'Virus' and then sit back and watch as the people capitulated, and not just capitulated but actively report and police those who would dare to defy the 'authorities'. 

And don't even start with the 'you're going to kill granny' propaganda. Honest to God, you would think that no one ever died before! Did you think we all lived in some airy fairy dreamland, some utopian oasis where we all lived forever and no one ever got sick and died? Like the US before Donald Trump became president, wasn't it such a paradise??!!! 

Good God, what planet are you living on? Where is your fight and your spirit? What did all those millions fight and die in two world wars for, especially those in the First World War, in the mud and dirt of France, conditions you could not even begin to imagine in your worst nightmares - FREEDOM!!! FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY! And you're sitting at home with your mask cringing about a 'flu', shame on you!

It's a sad fact of life, we're all going to die, REALITY!. And as I said before, it is not about dying, it is about how you lived. Now seriously, grow up and deal with it!


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The Finger of Blame

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Monday, 23 Mar 2020, 19:03

I was listening to a report on Sky News Australia and one of the people on it was blaming China and saying that China 'wilfully inflicted Coronavirus on the world' and should be held to account. Of course, down in the comments, it was the usual brainless trolls spouting anti-Chinese/communist propaganda and demanding boycotts and all sorts and talking about manufacturing and why everything is made in China. So, I couldn't resist and fired off this response.

You're not manufacturing because you are not in charge, your democracy is an illusion, the world is run by corporations and banks and compliant/puppet politicians and propaganda news channels. The west has been happy to look away for years as the working classes got shafted and we all knew that there was a price for cheap goods and that was the cheap labour on offer in places like China. So don't blame China, blame yourselves for your own lazy attitude, for ignoring the political landscape because you were too lazy to think for yourself and because 'politics is boring' and you preferred to shop online at Amazon. And if you still believe in 'climate change' then you are exactly the kind of person I am talking about and now that you are faced with the prospect of your own mortality, you're running shit scared and blaming everybody else and ignoring your part in 'creating this world'.

So, before we rush to judgement on anyone, let's take a minute and breathe, and let's try and keep an open mind at least until we have as many facts as we can gather. Maybe this did start in China but just maybe, someone started it in China, and at this point, we don't know the absolute origin of it other than what the news media is telling us, and we all know how reliable they are. There are a few more questions we need to ask before the self-righteous grandstanding and finger pointing begins. For example, is it a coincidence that outside of China, Iran is the country that is suffering most?  And why is the death rate in these countries so much higher than somewhere like Germany where the death rate is 0.2%. Is it possible that there is a different strain of virus in China and Iran?  No one has died in Russia, what could Russian Intelligence tell us? They were quick to close the border with China, what did they know that we didn't? And why was Europe so slow to close it's borders? Donald Trump was slated by the EU for banning flights, yet Boris Johnson was slated for not being more extreme in his response. 

We could also ask ourselves, what has been going on in the world in recent years while we have all been distracted with 'climate change'?  There is an ongoing scrap in the Middle East and it has been going on for some time, and it wasn't that long ago, the US was trying to start a war with Iran. As a matter of fact, the US has been trying to go to war with Iran for years.  

And, has anything else interesting happened recently? Well, Netanyahu basically carried out a coup in his own country, just as he was about to be indicted for bribery, fraud and corruption, and he had just lost the election too, along comes coronavirus to save the day!! He suspended Parliament and shut down the Courts and is carrying on, business as usual!  

The municipal elections were also held in France last weekend, has there been a result yet?  France just enacted emergency legislation that states you must phone for permission to leave your house. Will that stop the Gilet Jaunes from protesting? After all, they were out in their thousands the weekend before in Paris, still protesting Macron, week 70. You have got to admire their courage and tenacity, maybe we could learn something from them!

In Ireland too, they recently had an election and Sinn Fein, who are a little bit socialist, got the most first preference votes but now because of the coronavirus, everything has shut down and Leo is still in charge, ohh, what a lot of coincidences!!

At this point, we know nothing and in all likelihood, we will never know the full/true story of its origins but as I remarked in an earlier post, I am reading the Life and Death of Dr David Kelly and if we sit here and think that our governments' hands are clean in the area of biological weaponry, then we are seriously deluded. But keep your eyes on Iran, and your ears and minds open - believe nothing of what they tell you and only half of what you see...

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Ford vs Kavanaugh

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Thursday, 1 Sept 2022, 12:58

Another day, another battle in the propaganda war against Donald Trump.  I hadn't really been following the Senate Judiciary hearing for the Supreme Court very closely but I was aware there was an allegation of assault made against Trump's nominee and I caught a bit of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony on the news.  Then, of course, there was the usual run of opinion on Facebook.  I got into a disagreement with someone I know about it because she was adamant that from what she had heard and seen, he was guilty.  I said, I didn't like trial by media and pointed out that the man hadn't been charged or convicted of any crime so at this point, and in the eyes of the law, there is supposed to be a presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.  But it was like talking to a wall, laws didn't matter, she just knew he was guilty.  

So, I made it my business over the weekend to watch both testimonies and both rounds of questioning as much as time allowed (which turned out to be several hours of my Sunday, in between trying to watch the Grand Prix!). 

 As someone who, unfortunately, knows only too well the consequences of assault and its aftermath, I have to say from what I watched, Brett Kavanaugh is innocent and Christine Ford's performance, and not a very good performance at that, was insipid, cringe-inducing but more importantly, false.  I thought that when I first saw the snippet on the news before I knew any of the details and now after everything I've read and seen, I'm even more convinced.   

The alleged assault took place 36 years ago when she was 15, and Brett Kavanaugh was 17, but these details may not be true and in earlier reports she alleged it happened in her late teens.  No one among her friends from her teen years could corroborate her memory of a party attended by Mr Kavanaugh.  She couldn't remember the house, and couldn't remember how she got to the party or how she got home afterwards.  The memory of the assault was from a recovered memory (which have been shown to be notoriously unreliable) from 2012 when she was in therapy although, no mention was made of Kavanaugh in her therapy notes, notes too which her lawyers refuse to allow the Supreme Court judiciary to see.  As assaults go, on a scale of 1 - 10, I would class it as a one.  She was, allegedly, groped by a drunken teenage boy, but made it sound like she was about to be gang-raped and/or murdered. These were just some of the holes in her allegations. 

If I hadn't watched the testimonies for myself and had only judged this on media reports, I would have been led to believe that Brett Kavanaugh was a bully and an uncontrollable drunken lout, not a man with years of experience as a lawyer and, as far as I know, an unblemished record as a sitting judge.  While Christine Ford has been portrayed as a paragon of virtue, truth and righteousness.  

I would have described myself as a feminist.  But it seems that within the feminist community now, there is an expectation that any woman making any allegation of assault, sexual or otherwise, should be believed on her word only and without any corroborating evidence.  There was a rape trial here in NI earlier this year involving two NI rugby players.  In that instance, I believed the girl because her testimony rang true with what I know of assault and related behaviours. Nothing about Christine Ford's testimony rang true for me. 

I'm also a leftie and Brett Kavanaugh is as far from me politically, as you could possibly get so I certainly couldn't be accused of bias in that respect.  I believe he is innocent and I haven't seen or heard anything to contradict that belief at this stage, and is not guilty of anything other than being a Republican. 

The bias in the media against Kavanaugh, like his questioning by Democrats, is more to do with the ongoing campaign to unseat Donald Trump from the Whitehouse than any great search for truth or justice.  On the whole, nothing these days is about real truth or justice, it's all a propaganda war to get into power and to use any piece of dirt you can get your hands on, no matter how low you have to go, to try and discredit your opponents.  I feel the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot with this one.  It'll be interesting to see what happens in November's mid terms.

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Trump, trump, trump!

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Sunday, 15 July 2018, 12:39

Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus, off she went with a Trumpety-trump! Trump, trump, trump!  

Ah, more innocent times...when trump was the sound elephants made as they packed up and marched off into the sunset but which has now taken on a whole different connotation…business man, big towers, golf courses, fascist, bigot, misogynist…to name but a few.  And how they turned out in their masses to protest the strange hairy one from across the pond...demonstrating to the world how not like Trump they are, they're liberal, open-minded, welcoming to all immigrants (at least until they show up on their doorstep!) and what better way to demonstrate this than to get out and let the 'leader of the free world' know he wasn't welcome here!  

Well, I suppose they had to find something else to do this year with Glastonbury not being on.  They even had a big one in Belfast too!  The self-righteous boarded buses, whole families heading for a day out to demonstrate their liberal principles and let that 'fascist Trump’ know he wasn't welcome here either.  I know because their posts were all over Facebook…and what a story they'll have to tell the grand-children in years to come when they ask, 'What did you do grandad when Donald Trump came to Britain?  They will be able to hold their heads high and say, 'Yes, I was there - demonstrating!'  

Well, it was news to me that fascists weren't welcome here because I thought they had been running this place for years!  Well, it used to be the Catholic Church (not too liberal and open-minded there, as far as memory serves) then we had the Orange Order (again not renowned for their liberal ideas and open-mindedness), and not forgetting the military arm of the British government who were stomping around here for many years too.  Then, of course, we had our own home-grown fascists who have been as busy as little beavers these last few weeks, building bonfires and terrorising their own communities, just like those little fascists on the other side who have been out rioting and burning vehicles for the last week too.

But, fair play to the people of the Bogside in Derry, they turned out on Friday night to tell those same little fascists, that the people were sick to death of them and sick of their communities being held to ransom and being terrorised.   Of course, this demonstration didn't get the 1000's who went to Belfast to protest against ‘The Donald'.  No, all they got was a few hundred friends and neighbours who have suffered years of oppression under these petty thugs and bullies.  And the difference between the people in the Bogside, and those in Belfast?  Well, it’s that old chestnut again, working class vs middle class.  And it is just much more fashionable to jump on the bandwagon that doesn't really make any demands and which gets more publicity, like demonstrating against Donald Trump, than to confront the fascists in our midst.

But the thing is, the election of Donald Trump and the events in the Bogside are branches of the same tree and what they both have in common is the working-classes.  The working-classes in America have suffered job losses and have been ignored by the government and the corporate elite for years.  They have also been made to pay disproportionally for the flagrant abuse of money and power that caused the banking crash in 2008, just like here and in Britain.  But no one bothered to listen, well, it’s only the working-classes, society is changing, work is changing and they just have to get used to it… at least that’s what they were told.  Then, along came The Donald, promising the working classes jobs again, feeding into their hopes and dreams: he was listening to them, he knew they had been screwed over by the corporations and the government, he was going to get their jobs back, give them back their self-respect, he was on their side, he was on the side of the little guy, the ordinary working man, he would be their hero!  He would make America GREAT AGAIN!  So, they voted for him, because they had nothing left to lose, having already lost their jobs, their self-respect and any hope for the future.

Donald Trump’s supporters have been dismissed as bigots and racists, just like the Brexit voters here, because it’s a lot easier to dismiss someone than to sit and genuinely listen to them or address the issues that affect them.  Easier to sneer at a ‘bigoted’ working-class man and jump on a bandwagon that feeds into the ego and lets you congratulate yourself on your liberal, open-minded principles than to open your ears and listen to those on the bottom or actually do something about it. 

When the demonstrations end, everyone will go home feeling good about themselves, safe in the knowledge that they did their bit for freedom and democracy.  What will it achieve?  Donald Trump will go back to the US and will still be the president.  Whether he will turn out to be a working-class hero or just another manipulator in a suit, has yet to been fully decided but I suspect the latter considering his actions so far.  How the working classes will react if/when it turns out they have been lied to and screwed over again, is anybody’s guess, but history has a few examples, France in 1789 and Russia in 1917.

The working-classes have delivered a few shocks to the liberal elite in recent years both here and in the US but they’re still not being listened to. The demonstrations against Donald Trump ignore the issues that led to his election, just like here in the Brexit vote, a vote the liberal elite are still trying to reverse.  So, keep ignoring those on the bottom, keep feeding your middle-class liberal ego, keep reading the Guardian and sneering down your nose at Corbyn and his supporters, and keep believing the narrative created and promoted in the media that keeps dismissing those ‘lower-class bigots’ and allowing you feel so smug and self-righteous, and you may just have a completely different story to tell your grand-children when they ask, ‘What happened after the demonstration, grandad?’ 



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Edited by Aideen Devine, Wednesday, 14 June 2017, 21:49

So, I'm all signed up for DD306.  Roll on September!  I absolutely love politics, I'm one of those sad people who gets excited over topical debates, and the Grand Prix, I know that's got nothing to do with politics but I just thought I would drop it in there.  I'm in the minority around here for both of those. 

But anyway, back to the politics.  The unfortunate thing about it is that so many people are put off because of politicians.  I include myself in that, I rarely even watch the news but I suppose I'll have to start taking more of an interest in current events.  Although I still keep in touch with things on line.  I've found you get more 'truth' online.

Take Syria for example, has there been any mention anywhere on the mainstream news about gas pipelines across Syria?  Probably not.  Apparently President Assad turned down a plan for a pipeline from Qatar through Saudi Arabia and Syria to Europe and this is the real reason for the war. Isis is just a smokescreen. There is another pipeline from Iran and this is the one Assad gave the go ahead to.  And Russia?  They're trying to keep control of the gas fields in the Ukraine and Crimea is where the port for shipping offshore is situated as well as being another area with gas.

So, Syria is being ripped apart and it's people terrorised because the military/ industrial/corporate complex are fighting to control the gas and are trying to stop Russia and Iran benefitting. 

That is why Donald Trump is so reviled by the mainstream media.  The election of Donald scuppered the plans for a war with Russia and another big payday for the corps and they've been crying all over the media since.  Brexit was another big blow to them but people are waking up to how we have all been manipulated and screwed over and are fighting back the only way they can, with their votes.

I also have to say, I have serious doubts about the gas attack being the work of Assad. It all seems too convenient for the 'dark' forces of the MIC complex.

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