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No sooner than I call for a change in the political structure, than 7 MP's split from Labour with Chuka Umunna leading the charge.  In his statement, he said,"It is time we dumped this country's old-fashioned politics and created an alternative that does justice to who we are today and gives this country a politics fit for the here and now - the 21st Century," 

I wonder if he was reading my blog at the weekend??  While it would be nice to think that Chuka et al were just what I was looking for, I don't really have much confidence that they are the great hope for the future, I had in mind.  They are long on rhetoric but rather short on actual ideas and since they're all Blairite pro-Brexiteers, I don't envisage a startling and original manifesto being issued anytime soon.

But just in case they're looking for a few ideas to get them started here's a few of mine...

Complete re-structuring of the Government with a move towards issue-based politics.  This will take some time to set up but if it is done one issue at a time it is manageable.  I'm not sure how many politicians we would actually need but we may not need more than one or two for each county.  Changing to issue-based politics would also get rid of the need for general elections as we understand them now and instead, you would have a ballot paper with the issue on it instead and I envisage this working on a county by county basis and getting rid of the constituency model we have now.  So, if the country was to go to war, for example, it would be up to the people to make that decision.

Proportional representation would be used until the changeover was complete and anyone standing for election would have to have been a resident of that constituency for a minimum period of 2 years.  

Ministerial positions would then be advertised as jobs and given to the most qualified and experienced.  This would reduce the size of government further because all you really need is a leader and a good accountant to dish out the money.  

Overhaul the tax system to ensure everyone pays their fair share.  This would stop the rich and obscenely rich from paying nothing.  Devolve some tax powers to the counties with more of the tax raised staying within their areas.  Put the betting tax back on and stop gambling being advertised on TV.  

Fair employment legislation.  This would break up the 'old boy networks' that have reduced social mobility and would help to build a competency based society not one based on who you are and what your daddy owns. Get rid of the Honours system.

No public money for private schools and an overhaul of the public education system with parenting as part of the school curriculum along with philosophy and personal &social responsibility. This would get people thinking again and as parenting is a basic for the foundation of a good society, as good parenting produces good people (mostly), especially when they've been educated in their personal and social responsibilities.

No public money for the private sector unless they pay into the system,

All large companies to have worker's representatives on their boards.

Well, that's a few to get started on, I'll have to start fleshing things out now, you never know who could be reading and who knows, someone, somewhere might be interested in creating a real alternative, some day!  

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