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God, I really miss the Grand Prix. I was so looking forward to it and was sure this was going to be Vettel's year and instead we have project fear, crappy nothingness and no Olympics either!  I'm waiting to see what they do in the football, it would be an absolute shame if Liverpool are not given the league title.

Apparently, the natives are getting restless in Italy and insurrection is threatening (I'll provide an update soon on the Italian numbers and things are not what they seem!)  We are all overdue a good revolution, lets hope it arrives soon.

 I haven't changed much about my routine, I'm still working but the first major change I am making is that I will no longer be shopping in supermarkets. Lidl and Asda have had their last from me and they will be the last shops I ever go to for anything. From here on, it will be local first and foremost, regardless of the cost.  

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