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Edited by Aideen Devine, Wednesday, 18 Aug 2021, 10:07

Finally, have all my internet problems sorted, and am back on-line. the computer had to go back to the shop because the browser wouldn't open.  If I was paranoid I would be blaming Big Brother, after all the G8 is on not far from where I live, and after all the recent revelations, well, who knows?

I suppose I should be out protesting with the rest of the anti-capitalists but I've too much going on at the moment and i don't watch the news very much these days either so I've no real idea what is happening.

Anyway, i was on holiday a couple of weeks ago in Munich.  I was there before and had always wanted to go back in the summer time, unfortunately the weather was more late autumn, apart from the Tuesday, when i went on a day trip to Neuschwanstein.  That's the castle built by Ludwig the Second.  Bavaria is a stunningly beautiful place, it was like travelling through a fairytale.  Looking out of the bus window, I was thinking 'how do you get a life where you get to live in a place like this?'  If there are any unattached Bavarians on the lookout for a partner, just give me a call!!

If there is reincarnation, I know where I'm coming back to.

Another busy weekend ahead, I'll be in Letterkenny tonight for Crash Cabaret, I'll be taking part in a play reading and maybe some improv, and then off to Derry in the morning for some extras work.

The Earagail Arts Festival kicks off next weekend, so if anyone is going to be in the North West of Ireland in the next month, check it out, there's some great stuff in it.

Now I must go and get my props sorted.  It's good to be back'!!


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