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Edited by Aideen Devine, Thursday, 27 Feb 2020, 21:15

Following from yesterday, I was trying to think what to do for Lent. Much has changed for me in the last year, not so much a visible external change but more internal and I'm probably in the best place I've ever been in my life. So much so that I decided I would go back and finish the last year of study to bump my degree up to honours. Unfortunately, the course I want to do doesn't start until October so I've a bit of time to work up to it. I'm going to do A326 Empire - 1492 to 1975.  I've ordered a couple of the recommended books to read prior to starting and registration doesn't open until next month. 

The blog has been a bit neglected too recently. I had a bit of a, I wouldn't say crisis, but it was a sort of personal concern. There is a lot of noise in the world today, and a lot of 'noise' online (and most of it meaningless too) and I questioned if there was any point in carrying on with it. Does anything I say matter, have I convinced anyone to re-consider their thoughts on Brexit or helped to assuage their fears over 'global warming' or to even question what they believe and why? Maybe, maybe not (but then again old number one fan might miss me if I stopped but then again, maybe not...).

However, I do like to write, well, like, is not necessarily the right word either because sometimes it's a pain, but it's more that I feel compelled to write. When I don't for a while, that still small voice from within starts to irritate and won't quieten until I've done something to shut it up. So, I decided for Lent, I would try and write something on the blog every day, more to create a writing habit than anything else but I have a couple of bigger projects in mind and I feel this is what I need to do, to get them going. 

I also decided that instead of lying brain dead in front of the telly most nights, I would try and expand my learning and do a bit more reading and studying.  My Tuesday night art class has been suspended for a while but my Thursday night class is still going which works out well as me, and one of the girls from work, play badminton on a Tuesday and it was a bit of a rush to get back home for the art class afterwards.

By the way, one of the men from the Thursday art group has an exhibition of his work showing in the Garden of Remembrance Gallery at Bishop Street in Derry. His name is Dermot Anderson and he specialises in portraits. If you're in the area, pop in for a look.  We were all down for the opening on Valentines night and a couple of people from the Letterkenny acting group happened to come in and we got chatting about a few possible projects we would like to try so maybe I'll be getting back on stage again too. Busy times!!!

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