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Edited by Aideen Devine, Sunday, 22 Sept 2019, 09:49

As it's Friday, it may not be five o clock, and it may not be time for Crackerjack but the sun is shining, the sky is blue and in spite of all the doom merchants striking in the largest show of mass brainwashing/stupidity in my lifetime, I thought I would share a good joke with you. 

I was reading through comments after watching a quite serious video on Youtube last night, in relation to an onging courtcase in Canada around transgender identity which I will discuss in another post but not today because today is a day for fun!!

In the comments section, someone had remarked, and I apologize for not checking who, but I think it was a male ( a real one, that is and not a made up one) and he said ' I want to identify as Michael Jackson, and my chosen pronouns are He/Hee'.  Brilliant!

Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend everyone and if you're still worried about 'climate change' check out the work of  Michael and Ronin Connolly or Dr Willie Soon on Youtube, it'll put your mind at rest and you can go and enjoy your life and not worry about the planet.

Michael and Ronin Connolly -  https://globalwarmingsolved.com/about-us/

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