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The Waterboys

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I had the pleasure of seeing The Waterboys at the Millenium Forum in Derry last night. Appropriately, when I was leaving the house, a full moon greeted me when I opened the door, shining down in all its glory, so I took it as a good sign for the night ahead.

Halloween is a big deal over here and Derry revived the spectacle a few years ago so it is the go to place now for Halloween. Halloween is the old pagan festival of Samhain which was a time to remember the dead, and signified the beginning of winter and the end of Bealtaine. If you have never been, you should make an effort to come at least once. You won’t regret it.  (See links below)

The streets of Derry were buzzing as the celebrations had all kicked off on Saturday and, luckily, I got a parking space quite close to the theatre.

The show itself was brilliant, the band were electric and so were the crowd. A special mention for Brother Paul Brown on keyboards who absolutely rocked with infectious joy. Mike Scott is not just a song writer and singer but has the soul of a poet. In a past life, he was probably Aengus, a mythic God associated with youth, love, summer and poetic inspiration, from the land of Tir na N’og which translates as Land of the Young or Eternal Youth. WB Yeats also wrote a poem about him, Wandering Aengus.

The Waterboys has to be one of the best shows I’ve been to and I will certainly make an effort to see them again. They will be playing around Ireland this week and, if you get a chance, go see them but, if you can’t, they are headlining the Sign of the Times Festival next year in Hertfordshire, England from 5-7 July.


Ancient Samhain (Halloween) Celebration & Traditions In Ireland (yourirish.com)

Derry Halloween

Aengus Óg: The Irish God of Love (brehonacademy.org)

Tír Na nÓg - The legend of the land of eternal youth (irishcentral.com)

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Jabs for Jobs

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The government has mandated compulsory vaccines for all front line NHS workers from April next year, so, I will probably be losing my job. Although, not technically a frontline worker, I do deal with the public face to face quite often, and we can’t have the public exposed to the ‘unclean’.

So, why don’t they do it now, why wait until April? Because by April, the winter rush will be over and patient numbers will be down. This will still cause a collapse of the health care system, after all they are struggling already with the backlog caused by ‘covid’ and, when it does, the private sector will then step in and take it over.  So, start looking for private health insurance because you’ll be needing it and  goodbye NHS!

But, of course, it won’t be the  government and their corrupt practices that will be blamed, it will be those selfish workers who won’t put their lives on the line for the NHS and their patients, and all the (self-righteous) vaccinated will be lining up to point the finger too.

I wonder if this is merely the first step and how long will it be before it is extended to all employments? After all, teachers deal with our most ‘vulnerable’ children, will they also be forced to vaccinate so they don’t put ‘lives in danger’? And will the next move be to exclude the unvaccinated from all employments where there is face to face contact with the general public?

Does no one else see the danger in an employer being able to dictate what health treatments a worker has to get? What if your boss thinks you need a bit of botox to keep the wrinkles at bay or a boob job? After all, you don’t want the delicate general public to be faced with the reality of growing old and possibly dying, because everyone must be protected now from illness and death, and anything else that might upset generation snowflake and their cowardly parents.

I was to go and see Van Morrison this Thursday but now I can’t attend it either as our local council have introduced medical apartheid. You can’t enter the hallowed halls of the Millenium Forum without proof of vaccination or a test to show that you are disease free. I will not be partaking. I have drawn the line and will no longer give credence to this fraud in any way, shape or form. No testing, no vaccines and no emotional, or financial blackmail, and I am prepared to put my life on the line for it. My patience has run out and as long as people keep doing what they say, the restrictions will get tighter and tighter.

Remember ‘3 weeks to save the NHS and flatten the curve’ – now week 85, vaccine passports and compulsory vaccination. They’ve screwed you over on that one too, and now your ‘passport’ won’t be any good until you take the booster and God knows what the next mandates will be, as long as they keep getting away with it. Jab 3 is on the way, no doubt, and you’ll probably still be sitting at week 135 waiting on jab 5/6 so that you have access to medical treatment, a night out or just your job.

Spring 2020 – Clap for NHS Heroes. Spring 2022 – You’re sacked!

The power is ours, if we stand together but, unfortunately, we don’t. So, techno-feudalism, here we come!

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