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I managed to save about 80 lives yesterday with nothing more than a discarded cup from McDonalds.  I was up around the river in Sion with the dog and was checking out the tadpoles, there hasn't been much rain and most of the pools of water in the fields had disappeared.  I was going to go home and get a bucket but found the cup in a ditch so filled it instead, took it home and put the tadpoles in the tub in the backyard with the ones I had brought home a couple of weeks ago.  I may go back up in the morning with a bucket of rainwater and see if that helps those who were left behind.  It gives rain for later in the week but I don't think they'll last until then without a top up.

So, they're happy now feeding on cucumber and swimming around.  I'm going to hold on to them until they get a bit bigger then move them to the allotment.  They should help keep some of the pests at bay and are a better solution than chemicals.  

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