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I ventured out yesterday to see Ad Astra, the new Brad Pitt movie.  It had gotten mixed reviews but I liked the sound of it so decided to try it for myself.  This is a film for serious sci-fi fans and if you like your sci-fi flavoured by Sagan and Kubrick (and I do) then this is one for you.  

The plot is fairly straight-forward, son ventures out into deep space to try and find the father (Tommy Lee Jones) he thought was dead and that is as much as I'm giving away. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn't mind seeing it again. It's a mostly quiet movie and there isn't a lot of action but I liked the pace of it and it was a refreshing experience not to have all that over the top nerve-shredding drama and tension.  At around 2 hours, I hardly noticed the time passing and who would when you have Brad Pitt larger than life and in glorious technicolour! There are worse ways to spend a Sunday evening and as if that wasn't enough, there were only 4 of us in the cinema which meant I had peace to see it too.  

I would recommend it, if you liked Arrival, you will probably like this and Brad has redeemed himself again after the Tarantino tripe.

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