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The end of the journey!

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It’s over.. after all the stress and struggling that came along with doing my degree, I can now officially say I hold a Bsc (Honours) Open in Law & Social Science. 

Despite the ups and downs of my journey; and the way my heart sank when it became clear that no official ceremony would be taking place. The tears that rolled down my cheeks and ran salty into my mouth, were ironically some of the sweetest tears I’ve ever shed in my life, as the realisation that I’d handed in my last piece of work and had done enough to qualify sank in. 

Gaining my degree is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. In completing and staying the course, I learned so much about myself. This degree showed me strengths I never knew I had. 

Thank you OU for allowing me to take my degree with you. 

I’m honoured to be alumni to one of the best most forward thinking long running distance learning institutions in the world. 

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Getting ready for W300

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Well well well, 

Managed to make it through W201 and am now embarking on my 4th year of uni life. After reading some of the student reviews about the next module, I must say one is feeling a tad nervous. 

Last year the reading was intense, perhaps because real life kept getting involved and I couldn't seem to get a good handle on a study pattern that worked. Which at times left me chasing my tail and feeling like I was constantly writing assignments. Honestly that's how it felt.. no sooner had I managed to complete and submit and other was due. 

Really hope I can get it together this year, as from what I'm reading on the reviews, it is not at all about falling behind this year. Mental and emotional fatigue will surely kick in fast!! 

Anyways just wanted to wish all those who have stayed the course thus far and made it to the fourth year of their Law degree luck. One more year people and we get the cap, gown and that all important scroll that states we met the challenge head on... not only that but we survived and thrived. 

Gonna try and keep up with my blogs too and track my progress this way. Figure sharing some of whats going on and a bit of how I feel may make this year easier. Instead on my one-man band stance!! 

With Love xx 

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W200 1st Tutorial

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Well one has to say that given my 1st tutorial 18/10/14, I think that our tutor is going to be brilliant and someone who I will be inspired by.

Apart from being humorous he is actually very knowledgeable. Now I know that last remark must sound silly, but there are times.... Know what I mean. 

Anyway it opened my eyes to just how much really must recap before entering the exams at the end, as Equity was an important part of it last year, guess when the time comes I'm just going to have to go hard on as many pints that stand out, but hey I guess you can't be sure of all the angles. Fingers crossed aye. 

Meet some great people in that room, some real hard workers and people who I can see enjoy the subject, for whatever it's intended purpose. 

I wish everyone luck and hope to see more of my fellow law students over the coming 8 months!

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