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16 months later

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Friday, 23 June 2023, 20:38

That was a speedy 16 months passing since my last blog post...

So i joined the civil service after i graduated from the OU.

The civil service put me on a accelerated learning program, with the ministry of justice.

So i have spent the last 18 months working 4 days a week and studying one day a week with De Montford.

So, i completed that program today. I have passed my second degree, this oneĀ  in Community Justice.

Now my letters are

BA(hons) PPE.Open. BA(hons) ComJ.DMU.

Now i go into a 6 week process of trying to convince the civil service, my PDU head, to pay for me to do the part time MSc in Economic crime with Portsmouth.

Keeping studying and ploughing through everyone, it is worth it.

Mike. BA(hons) PPE Open, BA(hons) ComJ DMU.

OU and DMU alumni.

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