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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Wednesday, 2 Aug 2023, 19:14
The qualification panel for the DMU sat today.
So we are expected to recieve our classifications and letters of confirmation tomorrow. They also provide a letter of comfort of fitness to practice to the civil service.

So i will get that letter tomorrow.and get it uploaded it to the SOP and that will add me to the professionals register.

My change of contract letter has already.arrived, and i transfer to a new office this coming Monday.

Now for the joy of CPD learning.

I am thinking at the moment that i will go for CPD progression to a subject matter expert post.

As a 57 year old, having joined the civil.service at 55 years old, the early retirement option is not available for me, so 8-9 years of subject matter expert sounds good to me, then retire at my mandated age of 67
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