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Just shy of 400,000 views.

That is amazing, thank you everyone.

I sometimes wish i could be more insightful with my content, but i very often do not have that much to say.

I am ssd that Robbie Robertson died this week, i always loved 'the band' and the live album they did with Bob Dylan is a favourite of mine.

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Michael Gumbrell

It is all about the views, baby.

Visible to anyone in the world

388,000  odd views of this (my) blog 

Thinking back to starting it...

I wrote a couple of posts in my first year of study and i was pleased to have 120 views.

Then i started to blog more and the views picked up, and i got to 5000 views, i thought that was staggering.

Then i studied the A222 philosophy module, and i did not enjoy it, and i blogged to great extent about how much i did not enjoy it....

That was the moment the views started to get beyond anything i could have thought possible.

And on it trundled.

Now it might make 400,000 eventually.

That is so kind of you all to bear with my A222 angst and other witterings.

Thank you.

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