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Start with the positives.

400,000 views, thank you everyone. I am very humbled by the achievements in popularity of this blog.

Work is frustrating. The staffing problems and workload pressures of the crminal justice sector are well known and well recorded.

It would be foolish of me to expect it to suddenly be different.

Still the frustrations are there, in 21 months i have now been transferred 3 times, so i have worked in 4 offices, getting to know the team, the specific arrangements for each office, than as soon as it settles, moved on again.

6 line managers in 21 months, each one discussing in supervision the importance of rapport and working relationships, and then being changed for someone else 2 months later.

And the joys of a shared service cetralised payroll and HR system are boundless. Letters telling you that you have been over paid on bssic salary being emailled out, then no letter of apology or acceptance of error when it turns out the pay was correct all along.

I should list for balance some positive elements, as soon as i find one i will list it.

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