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New philosophical lows...

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So my tma 4 scored 53. Lowest mark i have had throughout this module and the lowest of all my modules so far....

But the question is... do i double down?

My OCAS so far is s grade three pass. I can turn in two more tma's that hover around 50 and get a grade three pass.

I could not bother to do the last two tms's and drop to a grade 4 pass...

Then it all rides on the exam. Anything exam score over 40% for a grade 4 pass or over 55% for a grade three. I cannot see any possible way i could hit 70% or higher in the exam to jail a grade 2 pass.

This is all disappointing, the two modules before this one i have been in the 80-85% range...

So i wonder if i should play ball and submit the final 2 tma's, or should i not bother with them? Or even better, mis represent the next tma question into a sarcastic rant about how awful i have found this module and philosophy in general. 

I would love to hear what Simon thinks about my situation. Without his wise words i might have lost my rag with this module much sooner

So i cannot thank Simon Reed enough for his support and his wise perspective.

#bloodyA222 .

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Michael Gumbrell

Mark arrived

Visible to anyone in the world

My feedback for tma 4 came in this evening.

I scored 82% so not bad, i think this module is coming in at a pass grade 2. 

I would need to find 3 extra percent and scored 89% on my final tma plus 85% on my exam to get a distinction. Thanks a stretch, so a grade 2 pass is more likely for me.

I will have to make sure i really stick the exam to be sure.


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