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I don't know, i have the facebook thing.. but i don't seem to enjoy it.

It just seems full of arguments and aggravation. 

The is so little humour or wisdom in any of the posts. 

No i don't wish to sign your petition..

No i don't think we should ban Trump from entering the country...after all that's playing into his phobia.

No i do not wish to attend the boutique fair this Saturday

No i do not need to share a picture of someone with a dead lion that they hunted.. after all i can express contempt for those people without sharing pictures of them with the animals they kill.

I am probably best served by my current policy of going on facebook once in a two week period and hardly ever posting on there.

Facebook seems to be becoming a race to the bottom of the barrel... especially any page that starts with the title,


So many of the pages, groups and comments seem to have become little franchises of hatefulness.

Like so many things in life.. the internet was a good idea, that got filled with people and people's unkindness.

It's sad really.

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