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Getting bored in the evening

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I bought some economics books to read in the evening.. but i am getting bored now.

What with it still being July i have so long to wait until the study planner opens up and i can get year 4 underway.

I think though, trying to do a September and February start would be to much for me.... especially as the February start would be a level 3 module.

So i am stuck with the part time pathway and the long summer wait to get going again.  

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Michael Gumbrell

And the counter says. .

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So it was a few days after the exam, but the counter has made it to 20,000 !!!!

That is mad really, that so many people take the time to read my posts.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit my blog.

I think i might try and be a bit more interactive from now on... instead of just posting closed questions and statements, post more open questions and generate more conversations with comments left on posts?

So lets try this one.  

Will you be doing any extra study activities during the summer? Or will you just enjoy the time off?

I have never read Richard Dwakins ' the bi-cameral mind' and i think it would be rewarding to read it, so that's my summer suggestion. What would be yours?

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Michael Gumbrell

where did the summer go

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Hope you all had a good summer.

Mine was okay. I changed jobs in August, so i did not get a summer holiday.

I get get to go to Berlin with my son, to celebrate his 18th birthday. That was a great trip.

Berlin is a beautiful city. Here is a picture of us at the Reichstag dome.

as well as that trip, I also abseiled down the spinnaker tower to raise funds for the Solent MS Therapy Centre.

This is me 315 feet, 103 metre's up the tower.

I got 79% for my DD211 exam, so a overall OES score of 79%.

So a 2:1 score so far.

Now here I am, it is September again and time for fire up for my third module.

This time round it is A222- Philosophy.

Let the fun begin, and more blogging, now that we are back to study.

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