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Got to get tma 3 done this weekend. Must not avoid doing it....

Must be motivated to do it....

I am not motivated at the moment.

I enjoyed seeing the chiefs win the super bowl. The coach, Andy Reid deserved the honour.

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quick turn arounds

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020, 10:55

so we wait and wait, the pay day between December (which was paid early) and the January pay day are so far apart!!!!

Unlike the tma2 and tma3 which are only 4 weeks apart!!!

So I am skint, which is good because I have nothing else to do, or to be able to afford to do, apart form work and study.

Citizenship is the theme for block 3 and tma 3, not exactly an interesting subject, but important I suppose.

I am over half way thorough this module now, so the down hill run starts, lets just get it all finished and ty to work out what to study as my last module next year, at the moment I favour Philosophy over economics. 

But that might change.....

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