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Kind of a 5 year plan

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Friday, 27 Oct 2023, 19:26

I have been thinking about my final phase/ last 9 years of my working life.

It is going to do my Psychology conversion masters of the next 14/16 months. That will also get me registered with the British Psychological Council. During that time i will continue to deliver cognative behavioural therapy interventions, we call them brief suites of intervention, to people with community sentances. That will take me up to applying to do the dual KUF/MOJ role.

As part of the HMPPS academic insights programme, one of my collegues presented her doctorial thesis on teaching philosophy and ethics to people in long term custody in prison.

As a OU philosophy student, i have always been interested in theories about self identity and the social contract.

So i thought, once i have done the accredited masters, i will put forward a doctorial propsal to the Probation service that involves the creation of an intervention for people on community sentances that focuses on CBT intervention focused on self identity and it's relationship with the social contract, and if that is approved do the viability study and development of a specific intervention based on that.

That would tie up a great deal of my study, into a toolkit that would remain in use, long after i retire and i could retire with a PHD. Since pensions are calculated on the average salary of your last 5 years of service, it makes sense to me to aspire to maximise by qualification level and pay band for those last 5 years.

This might be very pretentious on my part or a reasonable doctorial thesis proposal. 

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