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I got the email link to the online survey from the vice chancellor.

Feedback for how the complete breakdown of the tutorial booking system at the start of this module affected my study and student experience...

The online guidance suggested that it would take 5-10 minutes to do the survey,

I took me one hour !

I think I may have be very keen to use the free text boxes on the survey to register my opinions about how crap the whole tutorial experience was at the start of this module.

Anyway my feedback is complete, the free text boxes in the survey full.

How long do you think it will take the office of the vice chancellor to feedback on our feedback?

Hopefully quicker than it took them to sort out being able to book a tutorial online.

I am rather confused how they think the new system of having tutorial centre's that you can book into is better or offers me more choice than the old system?

I live in Portsmouth, so I go to the tutorial in Southampton. The next nearest one to me would be central London (80 miles away and a nightmare to park) or Oxford ( 90 miles away and a fantastical bad ring road to navigate) or Exeter (200 miles away and hours of sitting on the A303 waiting to move).

So my choice is the  same as it was before, go to Southampton or do not go to a tutorial.

I would hope some of my fellow students were not having to make 200 miles ( 5 hour) round trips to just get to tutorial...... Hopefully.

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