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I have just seen on the homepage that the OU has restored its learning provision to Cuba.

Well done to Simon Reed for bringing the situation to light and for affecting the chsnge in OU policy. Excellent work Simon.

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Michael Gumbrell

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I noticed something today.

I was leaving a comment on Simon Reeds blog, Simon has commented on my posts many times.

I like Simons blog, it is always interesting and never dull.

Hopefully the OU will sort out them blocking Cuban students, something Simon has said he will leave the OU over.

So sort it out OU, its quite an easy win for you, and after all the bollocks we have had to put up with from you so far this year, its the least you could do.

I would be sad to see Simon leave, i am disappointed that Cuban students are banned.

So please try to do the right thing OU, after all, is the vice chancellor considering how many chunks of £3000 dollars the Cubans could add to his rapidly reducing budgets?

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