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Still struggling with DD309

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DD309 is very hard, made harder by the spike in covid cases and the new lockdowns.

I am back on working 6 day weeks.

With hindsight, last module the corona virus and the national lock down hit in March, and we had the OU cancel end of module assessments as a result.

This module, the second covid spike and lockdown came in December, right in the middle of the taught modules and with TMA's coming at 5 week intervals, and yet the OU have done nothing about making alternative arrangements. 

My TMA scores have been pretty bad so far, and i have had to ask for extensions for the first 3 TMA's.

This is my final module, so my final classification will be damaged by the events of December 2020 and onwards, plus having to work 6 days a week again, leaving little free time to study.

Since the pandemic spanned and disrupted my final 2 level 3 modules, will any adjustments be made to my final classification to reflect that?

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DD309 is really intense.

The ammount of information is huge.

The neo classical models are rather dull.

The evolutionary and behavioural models are far more interesting.

i really do gravitate towards game theory.

Industrial dynamics is also really interesting.

But it is really hard, with an oerwhelming ammount of potential extra reading if you have time for it.

It is very much harder than the level 3 politics module i did last year.

DD309 is very much the real deal, hard,intense and difficult.

In some ways it is a suitable final module, if i can get through it then i will feel that i have really achieved something.

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Staying with the OU

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My application to the probation service was declined.

Not that bothered, so i will be staying on with OU till the bitter end. I will also be applying for a masters of my choice.

My views passed 170,000, so thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit. It is much appreciated.

DD 309 is hard.... really hard, and i am only on week 2.

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