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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Friday, 2 Mar 2018, 15:43

TMA 4 submitted, and off we go onto block 5. The philosophy of the mind. Out of the four modules so far, i found block one, personal identity the most interesting. Block 5 is about the mind, so lots more issues around souls, mental states and what makes us have a 'mind'. so i might enjoy this block more than others. The only salvation is block six is political philosophy, and i have studied that to some degree in my last two modules, so i should be okay with block 6.

Getting nearer the exit door of this module now, i am ready to get my coat and leave.

I am not saying that studying Philosophy is Hell, however....

if JP Satre was right, then Hell is other people, i would suggest that purgatory is people talking about philosophy. 

Or if Dante was right and there are several levels of hell then i might suggest,

Over the doorway to Hell- a sign saying 'JP Satre welcomes you--and other people to hell.'

Hell Level one- the philosophy of religion... 'Surprise, your in Hell !'

Hell Level two- Ethics- did you take some satisfaction about being good... 'Surprise! your in Hell, Mr Kant will not see you now'

Level two has a sub level, level B, a train track with a trolley that is going up a 1:3 gradient and is pushed by philosophy undergraduates for all eternity, if they stop pushing the trolley rolls backward and crushes them, and a sign saying 'push the trolley, it's for Hells greater good'

Hell level Three- the philosophy of science. a big sign declaring 'all science to be false, with the exception of hell which cannot be falsified, hence Hell=science'.

Hell level Four- Philosophy of the mind, a big sign declaring, 'its not your soul stuck here, its your mental state- so welcome to hell, it's a state of mind!'

Hell level 5- Political philosophy- a sign saying 'all suffering is theft, your suffering belongs to hell'

Hell level 5 has a sub level, Level R, where Rousseau sits behind a desk telling all those in hell that they can never be free of the suffering of hell,unless they fully surrender themselves to Hell, then he makes everyone sign a contract.

Hell level 6- The very centre of Hell, a tele porter booth with a sign saying 'Exit Hell Here'...and a big red button. If you press the button Derek Parfit appears and tells you not to worry about being in Hell, it is not physiologically continuous with your future self anyway... there is a door at the side of the tele porter room, which leads too...

Hell level 6, sub level H, A prison cell in which sits David Hume, who regardless of what you ask him, just answers ' i am very sceptical about all this'

I wonder if this posts counts as a revision flash card?

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